Vandal Shiva Raps by Seeds with Pachama Creew

This Ibero-American group, based in the Madrid district of Cuatro Caminos, thus collaborates in the diffusion of the fight of vandal Shiva against the patents of seeds and transgenics, and denounces the situation that the Indian peasants are living in front of the American multinationals.

The song of the Videoclip is included in its last work of free download the union made the force, produced by JOTA uppercase

Pachamama Crew was announced for selling 3000 copies of its first maxi in a month, in the Metro of Madrid (Gran via and Cuatro Caminos) and its way of managing: self-production, street team, promotion very street.

The suicide of the peasants

More than 140,000 peasants and farmers have committed suicide in India in recent years by losing their land as a result of the debt owed to pay the production costs imposed by the privatization of the seeds and their distribution.

The seeds, hitherto patrimony of all mankind, are now owned by corporate monopolies. Patented seeds are sold, genetically modified so that they do not germinate again and in this way the peasant has to buy them every year.

These seeds are designed to form that need more water, more pesticides and more fertilizers, raising production at unsustainable prices. The same companies that control the seeds also control the agro-chemical products they are dependent on. Most peasants in India commit suicide by drinking the same pesticides that have led them to despair over the inability to deal with the debts incurred with transgenic seed companies.

The project has been supported by the Voices Association